I’m a writer!

Well, a writer who’s needy nature has been fed. Nerdy Minds Magazine has just agreed to bring me on as a contributing writer! Hooray! Outside actualization feels sooo good.

First post: how the game Dark Tower fed my descent (ascent? – I prefer ascent.) into gamerhood. Kind of funny, too: while I was doing a little research to stoke the ol’ memory about the game, I came across this video of Wil Wheaton at GenCon talking about how he loved Dark Tower just as much as I did. Well, he doesn’t put it that way, but you get the idea. I’d always thought it was my own little secret game of awesomeness.

Subsequent posts: I have a list started… I won’t get into the specifics, but frequent topics include parenting little geeks, roleplaying games in general (tabletop and video), and character creation – one of my favorites. Is there anything in particular you’d like to see?


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Writer | Gamer | Musician | Podcaster | Fantasy and sci-fi geek extraordinaire
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