Podcast Interrupted…

I’d been planning to announce the exciting news that The Arcology Podcast (“A Shadowrun Community Podcast” I run with my dear husband) Episode 1 is now available! However, after reading somewhere that archive.org and WordPress do not always play well together, and me being a complete an utter newbie to podcasting with little patience for frustration, we switched to Libsyn.com for our podcast hosting. I followed a great video by Cliff Ravenscraft (a.k.a. The Podcast Answer Man), showing his workflow – from prep to posting. When I say “followed,” I mean set his video in a window side-by-side with my open window of Libsyn.com and made frequent use of the pause button on his video while I did the next step.

Anyway, the episode apparently uploaded to the site without problem, but when it got to the “Publishing” portion, we just got a bar that never filled completely, along with a spinning icon labeled “Publishing.” It’s could be a little depressing: today was supposed to be launch day. Ah well, we have a support ticket in to Libsyn and with luck, all will be resolved by tomorrow.

Here’s hoping!


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